So today i’ve seen a lot of people talking about DC’s decision not to link their movie universe and their television universes together. I’ve seen praise, and I’ve seen bitching. But you know what I’ve seen the most. People complaining about that they aren’t copying exactly what Marvel’s doing, and you know what? It annoys the shit out of me. 

Just because Marvel are off doing their own thing in no way means DC should follow and be all “Hey guys, look, look at me, I can do the exact same thing too!” In fact they should do the complete opposite. Having two separate universes allows both of them to set out and do completely different things and shine the spot light on completely different characters. And we all know how much DC loves their Multiverse stuff, so if one day DC do want to join the two universes, hey we could have a Crisis where the two universes meet. 

Look, I like Marvel as much as DC, and I love what they’ve done with their cinematic universe. I like it a lot more then their current comics universe and the philosophy of inflated comic prices, endless events and countless re-numbering. But having to listen to the endless suggestion that DC should copy everything exactly is just stupid. Lets wait and see what they have up their sleeves first before we continue with this Marvel circle jerk. 

comicbear: Why do you dislike the Marvel Civil War?

Because it’s a badly written, poorly executed story. It had potential. Seeing the struggles of heros faced with a decision. Register themselves with the government, making their identities know as it was the moral and responsible thing to do to stop any further innocent bystander deaths, as Iron Man saw it, or, stand with Captain America who thought forced registration was a breach of their civil rights and believed revealing their identifying would put loved ones in the firing line. But it couldn’t be any further from that moral torture. 

Instead we have Iron Man hunting down any hero that didn’t believe in his way of thinking with a clone of Thor, throwing them into a Negative Zone prison or worse killing them in the attempt (Goliath) or getting heroes loved ones injured (Aunt May). Then to cap it all off, we have Captain America murdered on the steps of a courthouse after he and his followers surrender to stop any further violence. Like I don’t understand how Iron Man gets away with that and still has people fighting at his side, while we have Scarlet Witch continuously attacked for causing M-Day, when she was under the control of Doctor Doom. 

And thats just the story, every issue or tie in issue we have characters flip flopping sides depending on how each writer thought the character would act. Didn’t anyone at Marvel think to get all the writers together and discuss what they wanted from each character that was set to appear instead of letting them go free reign?  And lets not talk about how Marvel took Iron Mans side, infuriating and alienating readers. They didn’t learn from it either, we had to sit through the exact same thing with Avengers vs X-Men and Marvel taking the Avengers side and the X-Men being thrown aside again. 

And that went a lot longer then I thought it would. I’ll be quiet now. 

Marvel: Introduces Thanos.
Marvel: Confirms Thanos will appear in multi-picture deal.
Marvel: Hints at Infinity Gauntlet.
Marvel: Introduces Infinity Stones.
Marvel: Confirms Infinity Stones will appear across multiple movies as a running subplot.

New Comic Day 23/7/14

Zero Year Finale! Robin Rises! Female Spiderman! Horsemen! And Superman back on track! 

Anonymous: So I know this is being super nosy, but are you still with the bf you used to talk about. like did you just decide it's no ones business or something else. I'm curious

Yeah, I pretty much decided its no one on this sites business what goes on in my personal life and decided that this blog would just be about comics, games and anything else along those lines unless I was taking to someone one of one. But yes everything in the bf department is still amazing